Abilast-Biogel Det Int 200ml

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Product Description


Cleanser suitable for men's and women's daily intimate hygiene; ideal for sensitive skin and mucous membranes, for daily intimate hygiene even in the presence of pathologies (bacterial and fungal vulvitis, balanitis) and/or in association with specific treatments. It cleanses and soothes while respecting the physiological pH of the intimate parts thanks to its high tolerability at the level of the mucous membranes and skin of the external genitalia.
It exhibits gentle cleansing action due to the presence of a natural washing complex, an alternative to commonly used surfactants.
It also performs a soothing, moisturizing, emollient and protective activity of increasing skin defenses while respecting the physiological bacterial flora.
Cleansing and foaming are achieved by plant saponins, without the use of synthetic surfactants.
   The purified extract of quillaja saponaria
A natural detergent that, because of its affinity for greasy residues and dirt, moves them away with rinsing.
   Ammonium glycyrrhizinate
Extracted from the licorice plant, it enhances the foaming effect of quillaja saponins.
   The silicate of magnesium and aluminum
They derive from a natural smectitic clay, and help give softness and smoothness to the cleanser.
   The tetrahydrocurcuminoids
They perform antioxidant and detoxifying actions.
   Centella asiatica, zinc PCA and allantoin
They have healing properties and are active on microcirculation.
   Inositol, trimethylglycine, sorbitol, and shea butter.
They are moisturizing and emollient.
   Plant antibacterials
They offer extensive skin protection.

Mode of use.
Emulsify a small amount of product with water and, after obtaining a light lather, cleanse the part. It can be used several times a day.

Purified extract of quillaja saponaria; ammonium glycyrrhizinate; magnesium silicate; aluminum silicate; tetrahydrocurcuminoids; centella asiatica; zinc PCA; allantoin; inositol; trimethylglycine; sorbitol; shea butter; plant antibacterials.

200 ml bottle.
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