Cannula Needle G18 Farmasystem


Product Description

Needle Cannula

- FS Cannula needle 14G 1 way;
- FS Cannula needle 16G 1 way;
- FS Cannula needle 18G 1 way;
- FS 18G 2-way cannula needle;
- FS needle Cannula 20G 1 way;
- FS 20G 2-way cannula needle;
- FS 22G needle cannula 1 way;
- FS 22G 2-way cannula needle;
- FS Cannula 24G 1 way needle.
Single sterile pouch.
Box of 50 pcs.

Code. ACI141 / ACI161 / ACI181 / ACI182 / ACI201 / ACI202 / ACI221 / ACI222 / ACI241
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