Allerlux Gtt Nat 10ml

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Product Description

eye drops

Physiological pH buffered ophthalmic solution with plant extracts of Licorice, Calendula, Burdock, and Helichrysum, formulated to soothe and refresh the eye by relieving discomfort resulting from allergic reaction and to perform an action aimed at protecting conjunctival mucous membranes from allergenic stresses.
Valuable aid in soothing symptoms related to allergic reaction: the resinous and polysaccharide components of the plant extracts allow for a barrier effect, physically limiting contact with external irritants (allergens such as pollen, mites, dust, etc.) that can be the cause of allergy and result in burning, redness, foreign body sensation, ocular/periocular itching, light intolerance, and profuse tearing.
In addition, the antioxidant action of plant extracts promotes a calming, decongestant and refreshing effect, leading to rapid and prolonged relief and contributing to the restoration of optimal physiological conditions of the ocular mucosa.
Indicated as an adjuvant in cases of allergic conjunctivitis.

Mode of use.
Instill one or two drops of solution into each eye. Repeat application several times a day as needed or according to medical advice.

Licorice, Calendula, Burdock, Helichrysum, boric acid dodecahydrate, sodium tetraborate, sodium chloride, edta disodium, deionized water.
It contains no preservatives or other toxic components.

For ophthalmic use only. Do not use beyond expiration date or if package is damaged or opened. Sterile until opened. Avoid direct contact of the nozzle with the eye or other surfaces. Close the bottle tightly again immediately after use. Consult physician for use in conjunction with other local therapies or with contact lens worn. No contraindications have been found. Use is not recommended in cases of established ìpersensitivityî to any of the components.

Store in a cool, dry place away from heat and light. Use within 30 days after opening. The shelf life refers to the undamaged and properly stored product.

10 ml bottle
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