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Product Description


CE medical device. Sterile nonadhesive hydrocellular polyurethane foam dressing with silver sulfadiazine.
The unique structure of ALLEVYN Ag Non-Adhesive allows for the safe management of exudating wounds, allowing for a stay in place of up to 7 days (consistent with wound conditions and clinical protocols in use), and providing effective antibacterial coverage during the 7 days. In addition, the structure of ALLEVYN provides significant pressure relief, which together with softness ensures wound protection and comfort for the patient.

Mode of use
Select the most suitable dressing format. Prepare the wound as per current protocol. Apply the dressing with the white part to the wound and secure it with the most suitable system of choice (e.g. OPSITE FLEXIFIX). ALLEVYN Ag Non-Adhesive can be used under elastocompression bandage (e.g. PROFORE).
Aiding with tweezers if necessary, using sterile technique gently remove the dressing from the lesion.

ALLEVYN Ag Non-Adhesive dressing is designed to safely manage exuding wounds that also need bacterial load control to prevent both exudate and bacterial load from impeding the regular healing process. ALLEVYN Ag Non-Adhesive in fact optimizes the wound environment, allowing:
- Faster healing.
- A reduction in the risk of maceration.
- A control of bacterial load.

Structure of the dressing
- An outer layer of polyurethane film, impermeable to liquids and bacteria, equipped with dynamic breathability, capable of creating in defense of the wound a barrier that is impenetrable from the outside but with variable breathability depending on the moisture conditions of the wound.
- A soft and absorbent middle layer of polyurethane foam with hydrocellular technology, with internal dissemination of silver sulfadiazine particles.
- A wound contact layer perforated in polyurethane film, not adhered to the wound bed.

Do not use in patients with known hypersensitivity to silver sulfadiazine or sulfa drugs. it is known that sulfa drugs can cause Kernicterus (pathological neonatal jaundice) so ALLEVYN Ag Non-Adhesive should not be used on pregnant or lactating women, premature infants or infants during the first few months of life. Do not use oxidizing agents such as hypochlorite or hydrogen peroxide solutions that could damage the foam structure. In case of skin redness or sensitization, discontinue treatment. ALLEVYN Ag Non-Adhesive may not be compatible with other topical antimicrobials. Avoid contact with electrodes and conducting gels during EEG or ECG. ALLEVYN Ag Non-Adhesive is not compatible with fat-based products. ALLEVYN Ag Non-Adhesive is not suitable as a primary dressing for cavity wounds; in this case use it as a secondary dressing. as with all silver sulfadiazine products, due to the presence of sulfamide apply the following precautions: use caution for patients with liver or kidney problems and with glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency.

Size in cm: 5 x 5, 10 x 10, 15 x 15 and 20 x 20. Quantity per package: 10 pieces.

Code. 66800082 / 66800084 / 66800087 / 66800090
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