Collyrium Alfa Lubrif Gel 10ml

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Product Description



CE Medical Device. Sterile.
Lubricating and humectant ophthalmic gel containing 0.2% Carbomer. Useful for relieving symptoms of dryness and eye irritation caused by reduced tear flow. Due to the muco-adhesive properties of Carbomer, it reduces symptoms derived from tear film instability. Suitable for people who experience dryness, fatigue or discomfort in the eyes caused by irritative phenomena (dust, air conditioning, wind, smoke, prolonged use of video terminals). Transparent viscous gel that comes out of the container in the form of drops.

Mode of use.
Wash your hands. Unscrew the cap of the tube. Tilt the head back and look upward. Gently lower the lower eyelid of the eye with the fingers of one hand to form a pocket. Hold the tube upright with the other hand to encourage the formation of a small drop. Instill the drop into one eye without touching it with the end of the tube and gently wipe excess product from around the eye. Keep the eye closed for 1-2 minutes. Screw the tube cap on, being careful not to let the tube touch any other surface (including eyes or fingers). Instill one drop into the conjunctival sac 3-4 times a day, that is, as needed.

Carbomer 0.2%, Cetrimide, Sorbitol, Sodium hydroxide, Sodium Edetate, Distilled water.

The product is for ophthalmic use only. The use of Collirio Alfa Lubricant and Humectant Gel is contraindicated in case of allergy to any of the components. The product should not be used with contact lenses. After instilling Collirio Alfa Lubricant and Humectant Gel wait at least 30 minutes before reapplying contact lenses. If concomitant eye treatments are needed, wait about 10 minutes and still leave Collirio Alfa Lubricant and Humectant Gel as the last treatment to be used. Temporary burning, eyelid discharge and blurred vision may be experienced after instillation of the product. Therefore, be sure to see clearly before driving, operating machinery, or doing other work that could be dangerous if you are unable to see properly. The shelf life refers to the undamaged and properly stored product. Do not use if the container appears damaged. Keep out of the reach of children.

Store at a temperature between 5°C and 30°C.
Validity after first opening: 28 days.

10 g tube.

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