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Product Description


Proctology Cream

Proctological cream based on natural components.
It is a Medical Device containing glyceric macerate of horse chestnut buds, extract of Centella asiatica, glyceric extract of mallow, hesperidin and sodium hyaluronate that, thanks to the soothing-protective, lubricating and emollient action of its components, is useful for the treatment of symptoms such as burning, itching, irritation and pain from rubbing of the perianal area associated with hemorrhoidal pathology, anal fissures and proctitis.
It therefore represents a valuable aid based on natural components to promote the restoration of physiological conditions altered by hemorrhoidal pathology, anal fissures and proctitis, providing excellent support to proctological therapies.
Its weakly acidic pH formulation respects the environment of the areas to be treated.

- Glyceric macerate from horse chestnut buds: Due to its mucous adhesive and humectant effect, it reduces burning, itching, irritation and rubbing pain of the perianal area.
- Centella asiatica extract: Performs antioxidant action by reducing hydroperoxide and inactivating free radicals and chelating metal ions.
- Glyceric extract of mallow: known for its soothing and humectant action. It thus acts in favor of mechanical action by alleviating symptoms such as burning and chafing discomfort of the perianal area.
- Hesperidine: Increases venulo-capillary resistance, making interstitial collagen more stable, and inhibits the formation of lysosomal enzymes responsible for endothelial wall damage. It performs natural antioxidant and antiprostaglandin action.
- Hyaluronic acid: is a polysaccharide consisting of unbranched-chain glycosaminoglycans that is widely found in connective tissue and plays an important role in tissue repair as it accelerates and modulates the processes of re-epithelialization due to injuries of different origins, restoring tissue tone and elasticity. It also has a lubricating action that reduces rubbing pain during evacuation.

Mode of use.
Cleanse the affected area thoroughly before applying the product. In case of external use, apply directly to the affected area. In case of internal application, use the endorectal cannula to be screwed onto the tube. Apply the cream to the affected area 3-4 times a day.

Unscrew the cap of the tube and turn it to the opposite side while pressing to pierce the aluminum seal (first time use only). Screw the cannula onto the tube instead of the cap, screwing it in as far as it will go without forcing. Apply the cream to the affected area. After use, unscrew the cannula, clean it thoroughly with soap and running water, and close the cream tube.

Thorough washing of the affected areas before application is recommended. After application, it is recommended to avoid evacuation for at least 20 to 30 minutes so as not to cause premature removal of the cream. If this is impossible, it is recommended to repeat the application after evacuation and after thorough washing of the affected areas.

Glyceric macerate from horse chestnut buds 2.5%; Centella asiatica extract 0.1%; mallow glyceric extract 2.5%; hesperidin 1%; sodium hyaluronate 0.1%.

Product for rectal use.
Keep the product out of the sight and reach of children.
Keep away from eyes.
Do not use the product if the container is, when first opened, damaged or not tightly closed. Do not use the product after the expiration date imprinted on the outer package.
Do not use the product if you have a recognized intolerance to any of the components.
The product is not disposable. In case of reuse, special attention should be paid to the proper closure of the tube and the proper maintenance and cleaning of the cannula according to the above-mentioned methods of use.
The use especially prolonged use of topical products may result in sensitization phenomena. In such a case it is necessary to stop treatment and consult the doctor to institute a suitable therapy. If symptoms persist after treatment, consult the doctor.
The product may be used during pregnancy only in cases of actual need and under the direct supervision of the attending physician.

Store at a temperature below 30°C, in a cool, dry place, away from light and heat sources.
Validity in unopened package: 24 months.
Post-opening validity: 30 days.

30 g tube with endorectal applicator.

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