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Product Description



Soft, single-use, sterile daily-use contact lenses with UV protection in preservative-free isotonic buffered saline.
Contacta Daily Silicone Hydrogel is the most modern daily myopia lens because it is composed of a state-of-the-art material, Silicone Hydrogel, which provides greater eye comfort due to its high oxygen permeability, as well as making the lens soft and comfortable.
So breathable that they can be worn for many hours during the day without discomfort.
With UV blocking action, which protects the eyes from the sun's UV rays, they are even more suitable for serene outdoor activities.
A low contact angle (35°) gives good lubrication and wettability ideal for the corneal surface. These two conditions reduce the feeling of dry eyes and promote comfort.
Multi-curvature is comfortable and avoids pressure points caused by the lens.
Dk: 120
BC 8.8 mm - Dia 14.1 mm

Mode of use.
Sterile disposable contact lenses are designed for daily use and single wear.
Always wash thoroughly and dry your hands before handling your lenses.
Remove lenses before going to bed.

Filcon I 53%, Water 47%. Preservative-free isotonic buffered saline solution.

To use contact lenses safely, you must carefully follow the instructions for proper fitting, removal, cleaning and maintenance.

Pack of 30 lenses.
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