Cubitan Fragola 4X200ml

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Product Description


Strawberry flavor

High-protein, high-calorie, high arginine, zinc oral nutritional supplement, vitamins A, E, C, with antioxidants, indicated for the dietary regimen of pressure sores.
Fiber-free. Sterilized UHT.
Strawberry flavor.

Proteins of the milk, acqua, maltodestrine, zucchero, oli vegetali (colza, girasole), L-arginina, correttore di acidità (acido citrico), sodio L-ascorbato, carotenoidi - contengono lecitina di soybean - (beta-carotene, luteina, licopene), magnesio idrogeno fosfato, colorante (acido carminico), aroma, emulsionante (lecitina di soia), colina cloruro, di potassio idrogeno fosfato, DL-alfa-tocoferolo, potassio citrato, magnesio idrossido, lattato ferroso, potassio cloruro, zinco solfato, potassio idrossido, sodio selenito, rame gluconato, manganese solfato, sodio cloruro, nicotinammide, retinolo acetato, acido pteroilmonoglutammico, calcio D-pantotenato, piridossina idrocloruro, cromo cloruro, riboflavina, D-biotina, colecalciferolo, tiamina idrocloruro, sodio molibdato, sodio fluoruro, potassio ioduro, fitomenadione, cianocobalamina.

Without gluten.

Nutritional characteristics
Mean valuesper 100 mlMean valuesper 100 ml
Energy value128 kcal
540 kJ
Protein9 g
L-arginine1,5 gNitrogen1,2 g
Seroprotein1,5 gCasein6,2 g
Soy protein0 gPea protein0 g
Carbohydrates14,2 gSugars7,1 g
- glucose0,1 g- lactose1,7 g
- maltose0,4 g- sucrose5,0 g
Polysaccharides6,6 gStarch0 g
Lipids3,5 gSaturate0,4 g
Monounsaturated2,1 gPolyunsaturated1,0 g
- linoleic acid787 mg- alpha linoleic acid155 mg
Fibers0 g  

Mean valuesper 100 mlMean valuesper 100 ml
Sodium50 mgPotassium150 mg
Chlorine80 mgSoccer225 mg
Phosphorus182 mgMagnesium42 mg
Halls0,13 gIodine25 mcg
Iron3.0 mgZinc4,5 g
Copper0.68 mgManganese1.3 mg
Fluorine0.19 mgMolybdenum19 mcg
Selenium32 mcgChrome18 mcg
Vitamin C125 mgCholine69 mg
Vitamin A119 mcgCarotenoids0.75 mg
Vitamin D31.3 mcgVitamin E19 mg
Vitamin K10 mcgThiamine0.28 mg
Riboflavin0.63 mgNiacin3.4 mg
Pantothenic acid1.0 mgVitamin B60.65 mg
Folic acid100 mcgVitamin B120.79 mcg
Biotin7.5 mcg  

Mode of use.
Shake well before use. Ready to drink, it is most enjoyable when consumed fresh.
As a dietary supplement: 1-3 bottles daily, unless otherwise specified by your doctor.

Enteral use only. Not to be administered parenterally. To be used only under medical supervision.
Indicated exclusively to supplement the daily diet.
Not to be administered to children under 3 years of age. Not to be given to patients with galactosemia. To be used with caution in children aged 3 to 17 years.

Store in a cool, dry place.
Validity in unopened package: 9 months.
Validity after first opening: 24 hours.

Pack of 4 bottles of 200 ml.

Code. 41300
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