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Product Description


Medical device CE 0373 sterile. Iridium gauze is indicated for the removal, from the eyelids and eyelashes, of crusts, cysts or secretions due to inflammatory and/or infectious phenomena. Its use is also recommended in association with specific therapies in cases of allergic, inflammatory or infectious eye diseases. It finds use for periocular treatment before and after ophthalmic surgery and during treatment for occlusions of the lacrimal canaliculus.

Cotton gauze 100% soaked with a solution containing: propylene glycol; tridecyl ether-8; ammonium glicirizzinate; glycol extract of Ananas sativus L.; excerpt from Echinacea angustifolia (root); E500 sodium bicarbonate; chlorhexidine digluconate; sodium hydroxymethylglycinate; disodium EDTA; purified water.

The cotton fabric 100% soaked with the natural principles present in Iridium gauze, make possible a complete removal of secretions, powders, any foreign bodies; the product has a targeted chemical-physical compatibility with the tear film due to its balanced pH, leaves no residue and, thanks to its components, can also be used daily for the maintenance of the well-being of the periocular area.

Mode of use.
After cleaning the hands properly, open the sachet and take out the gauze. Apply the gauze to the eyelid area, passing it gently so as to allow adequate removal of eye secretions and any other deposits (smog, dust, etc.). In case of particularly persistent secretions or occlusion of the lacrimal canaliculus, it is advisable to warm the closed sachet for a few minutes in warm water (40 °C) and then use the gauze as a warm compress by gently massaging. In addition, it is possible to squeeze the contents of the gauze over the closed eye, reclining the head slightly, then massaging with the gauze until the residue present is completely removed. In the case of inflammation, it is advisable to chill the closed sachet in the refrigerator for a few hours and then apply the open gauze to the eye, keeping it in place for a few minutes as a cold compress.

Known hypersensitivity to components of the product or other closely chemically related substances.

The sterility of the product is guaranteed only by the integrity of the packaging. Keep out of the reach of children. gauze pads are for single use only. Discontinue treatment in case of obvious irritative phenomena or hypersensitivity to the product. The functionality and safety of the product are guaranteed only by the integrity of the packaging. Follow the doctor's instructions carefully. In case of infectious states, do not use the same gauze for both eyes. External use. Do not disperse after use. Read instructions for use carefully.

Store in a cool, dry place, protected from dust.

Box of 20 sterile disposable cotton gauze pads.

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