Laris Cr Antisudorific 75ml

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Product Description

Laris cream

Antiperspirant and anti-odor cream based on agaricin and chlorhydrol.
Unlike traditional antiperspirants on the market, Laris Cream is specifically designed not only to reduce sweat production at the source, but also to reduce sweat runoff.
Long-acting deodorant and anti-sweating cream.
Deodorizes effectively for at least 24 hours. Reduces sweating but does not stop it. Eliminates unpleasant odors naturally.
Agaricin, contained in Laris Cream, is a substance extracted from larch agaric (fungus), which selectively acts on nerve endings that innervate the sweat gland, reducing sweat production.
It is nonabsorbable and free of side effects; it also contains anti-fermentative substances, which absorb malodorous volatile molecules, counteracting the formation of bad odor.
Chlorhydrol (aluminum hydrochloride) is a classic antiperspirant that acts by occlusion of the sweat duct.
Laris Cream contains:
-agaricin, a natural substance derived from fomes officinalis, a hard, woody fungus that grows on the trunk of the larch tree and has important antibacterial and antisudoriferous properties that have been known for centuries
-chlorhydrol, an antiperspirant substance that acts by occlusion of the sweat duct.

Mode of use.
Spread a small amount of product on each armpit with your fingertips, massaging briefly.
Laris Cream is also indicated for the palm-plantar areas, submammary area, etc.: a single application per day is sufficient.
Do not apply to injured skin.

75 ml tube.

Code. LARI0001
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