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Product Description


Libenar vials is a sterile, preservative-free, non-injectable physiological saline solution.
In single-dose vial form, Libenar is safe, hygienic and easy to use.

Mode of use.
Detach a plastic vial and open it by turning the closure.
Libenar is indicated for babies, children and adults: for nose hygiene (to humidify or clean in case of a stuffy or dry nose), for eye hygiene (as eye drops or eye cleanser) and for inhalation in aerosol therapy.
Libenar vials can be used daily for nose and eye hygiene one to six times daily as needed.
For the hygiene of the nose
Keep head tilted back, gently introduce the nozzle into one nostril and gently press the vial in, repeat with the other nostril. Lift the head to allow the mucus to come out and then wipe off the excess liquid. Do not blow your nose vigorously for ten minutes after application.
For eye hygiene
Instill a few drops of the solution into each eye, taking care to avoid contact between the nozzle of the vial and the surface of the eye; use sterile gauze to wipe away excess liquid.
For inhalation in aerosol therapy
If the product is used as a solvent, follow the instructions provided with the inhalation product. If the product is used alone, follow the instructions provided with the aerosol device.

Sodium chloride 0.9 g
Purified water just enough to 100 ml

Do not use the same vial for different uses. Each vial is single-use and for personal use only.
Do not use the disposable vial once opened or damaged because of the risk of rapid bacterial contamination.
Do not use after the expiration date indicated on the package and label of the disposable vial.
Keep out of the reach and sight of children.
When using for the nose, for infants, instill the drops by exerting minimal pressure to avoid any risk of middle ear contamination.
If using for the eyes, wait 15 minutes before using any other eye product.
For aerosol therapy inhalation, consult your doctor before use in case of first use or in case of respiratory hypersensitivity, severe respiratory or cardiovascular disease.

60 vials of 5 ml

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