Melilax Pediatric 6 Microcystisms

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Product Description


CE Medical Device, Class IIb.
Honey-based microclism, which combines a balanced evacuation action with a protective and soothing action of the rectal mucosa, useful to counteract discomfort, irritation and inflammation, present in cases of constipation.
The dual action of Melilax is achieved by PROMELAXIN, an active complex of specially selected and processed nectar and honeydew honeys based on their monosaccharide, polysaccharide and melanoidin content, enriched with the polysaccharide fraction from Aloe and Mallow.
Melilax exerts a nonirritating evacuation action and thus induces a physiological and balanced stimulus of activating defecation. In addition, Melilax, due to its mucosal properties and viscosity, protects the rectal mucosa during the passage of stool, mimicking the lubricating action of physiological mucus. These special properties, combined with the antioxidant action, give the product the ability to protect and soothe the mucosa, exerting an indirect anti-inflammatory action due to the physical characteristics of the product.
Melilax is indicated in the treatment of constipation, including in the presence of visceral hypersensitivity (as in cases of irritable bowel syndrome), fissures and hemorrhoids.
Melilax Pediatric is indicated for children and infants.

Mode of use.
- Children 3-12 years: 1 5 g microclism as needed. In cases of stubborn constipation, apply 2 doses consecutively.
- Children 1-3 years old: 1 5 g microclism as needed.
- Infants 0-1 year old: half a 5 g microclism as needed.

Open the microclism by removing the safety cap:
- Grasp the white round ferrule located above the bellows;
- With the other hand, bend the cannula cover until it breaks and completely detaches from the ferrule;
- Slide off the cannula cover.
To facilitate application of the microclism, it is best to place the child on the left side with the knees bent toward the abdomen.
Apply a few drops of product to the perianal area and gently introduce the cannula into the rectum. Press the microclism thoroughly and at the end of the application, keep it pressed until the cannula is completely extracted to prevent re-inspiration of the product.

Promelaxin complex of honeys and polysaccharides from aloe and mallow
Title in: monosaccharides ≥ 50%, polysaccharides (Molecular Weight > 20,000 Daltons) ≥ 0.3%.
It also contains: hydroglyceric mixture; Lemon juice; Lavender essential oil.

Without gluten.

Do not use if individual hypersensitivity or allergy to one or more components is present.
If you have persistent constipation, it is important to consult your doctor to rule out other conditions.
The microclism is disposable, so it should not be reused if half a dose is administered, as in the case of infants.
Keep out of the reach of children.

Store at room temperature, away from heat sources and away from light.
The expiration date refers to intact and properly stored product. Do not use after the indicated expiration date.
Validity with intact packaging: 30 months.

6 disposable microcline with cannula covers for children and infants of 5 g each.

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