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Product Description


Closed-bottom bags with window and filter

The Natura+ closed-bottom bag is a two-piece collection device.
On the bag there is a circular flange equipped with a small interlocking rail. This structure allows, thanks to the 8 small teeth, the hermetic attachment to the corresponding plate in an agile and secure way.
The bag is equipped with a filter and is mainly indicated for colostomized patients.
There is an inspectable window on the opaque bags.

Technical characteristics
The system consists of two parts:
- skin barrier, to be left on the abdomen about 3 days;
- Collection bag, to be replaced as needed.
The bag is equipped with an advanced activated charcoal filter that allows the escape and deodorization of intestinal gases. The presence of an internal protective film and the position of the filter, centered and high above the bag prevents its possible contact with the effluent.
The bag has a symmetrical shape and is lined with a soft TNT cloth welded at the edges. The lining is present on both sides of the bag.
The bag is available in a standard small and large size, in opaque and transparent versions.
Opaque bags are equipped with an inspectable window.
The flange attachment provides maximum airtightness and sealing security against seepage. There are two plastic tabs on the bag flange to allow use of the lap belt.
The water-repellent and soft cover cloth provides comfort and discretion and allows skin to breathe.
The filter allows effective and long-lasting deodorization of gases. A special vignette allows its total occlusion useful, for example, when bathing or showering.
The identification code is printed on the bag.
Does not contain latex.

DiameterSize and colorUnits per package
32 mmstandard matte30
38 mmstandard matte30
45 mmstandard matte30
57 mmstandard matte30
70 mmstandard matte30
45 mmsmall matte30
57 mmsmall matte30
45 mmlarge opaque30
57 mmlarge opaque30
70 mmlarge opaque30
45 mmstandard transparent30
57 mmstandard transparent30
70 mmstandard transparent30

Code. 421676 / 421678 / 421680 / 421682 / 421798 / 421796 / 421797 / 421800 / 421801 / 421802 / 421803 / 421804 / 421805
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