Otoscudo Pellicola Auricolare

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Product Description


Disposable adhesive film for ear protection, consisting of a polyurethane adhesive film protect film .
It is indicated to protect the auricle of patients with infectious and/or inflammatory diseases of the outer ear and middle ear with or without perforation of the tympanic membrane, in post-operative course or in individuals with hearing aids or trans-tympanic drainage.
OTOSCUDO mimics the shape of the auricle with a configuration that makes it bilateral, that is, it can be applied indifferently at the right or left ear.
It is made of three layers: the adhesive film protect film , a cover layer applied on the non-adhesive face of the protect film, a release layer to be removed arranged in contact with the adhesive face to allow for easier release of OTOSCUDO upon application.
Grazie alle caratteristiche del film adesivo in poliuretano protect film OTOSCUDO è:
transparent: the adhesive film that is applied to the ear is transparent and aesthetically almost invisible;
Waterproof: the adhesive film protects the ear from exposure to air and water, such as when bathing in the sea, taking showers, swimming and, more generally, during outdoor recreational-sports activities;
Breathable: the film is gas-permeable. This makes it possible, with the passage of air, to avoid condensation phenomena and to maintain the ability to hear voices, sounds virtually unchanged with particular benefit for hearing aid wearers.

Mode of use.
1. Remove the middle part (the larger part) of the white sticker cover.
2. Hold the protector from the two ends that have the adhesive cover remaining with the fingers of both hands.
Apply the protector to the ear while holding it taut, matching the top with adhesive cover on the top of the earcup and the bottom with adhesive cover on the earlobe.
Once the central part of the film adheres well, remove the two pieces of adhesive cover still on the film, making sure that the entire surface adheres to the ear.
3. Remove the two green squared transparent backing parts from the film, taking care not to let it come off the ear. It is advisable to hold the film steady by squeezing half of it while removing the other half of the backing and vice versa.
4. Once all the backing has been removed, make sure each part of the film adheres well to the ear by pressing it onto the ear.

14 pieces.
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