Privacy Policy

INFORMATION PURSUANT TO ART. 13 Legislative Decree no. 196/2003

PharmaLite is particularly sensitive to the protection of the confidentiality and fundamental rights of individuals and, as the Internet is a potentially risky tool for the circulation of your personal data, PharmaLite is required to respect rules of conduct in line with the June 30th legislative decree 2003 no. 196 (Italian Code for the protection of personal data, hereinafter referred to as the Privacy Code) and with Regulation 679/2016, which ensure secure, controlled and confidential networking of its portal.
It is important to read the rules that PharmaLite has set itself in collecting and processing personal data and in providing a service that is always satisfactory to users of its website.
The principles of PharmaLite’s Privacy Policy:

  1. Carry out the necessary operations for the registration of users to the site, a site that allows all users to keep informed about the latest PharmaLite news and, for registered users, to consult restricted areas, with the possibility to verify any orders made and manage their profile.
  2. Use the data provided by the users concerned in the context of the services provided by the site;
  3. Install technical cookies on the device of the users and, for the users who have given consent, profiling cookies;
  4. Allow users to join PharmaLite social groups;
  5. Make the data available to third parties, carefully selected by PharmaLit and, in order to provide third party services expressly requested by users;
  6. Inform users in the event that their data is communicated to third parties for activities related to what is of interest or if this is imposed by law, regulation or Community legislation;
  7. Use user data to send third-party company advertising e-mails, only if the same users have given their express consent;
  8. Reply to requests for cancellation, modification, integration of data supplied, opposition to data processing if processed in breach of the law, opposition to data processing for advertising purposes, including by means of paper material, or for telephone sales;
  9. Ensure the correct and lawful processing of user data, while safeguarding their confidentiality, including by applying appropriate security measures to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the data.

Information pursuant to art. 13, Legislative Decree 196/2003 Personal data are required to use our services which are used to respond to requests made expressly and voluntarily by the user. In particular, the activities of the collection β€”and subsequent processing β€” of personal data are aimed at pursuing PharmaLite’s institutional and commercial purposes and, in particular, for:

  1. Perform the steps necessary to allow users register on the site and use of the services reserved to registered users, including the management of the profile in which they can check their orders and, if desired, save the data of their credit card/credit cards with which they will pay orders;
  2. Perform the necessary steps to allow users to place product purchase orders;
  3. Perform the necessary steps to allow users access to PharmaLite social groups.
    Similarly, when data are collected through telephone, PharmaLite treat them for their own institutional purposes, to carry out the activities required to fulfil the requests of, give course to his eventual orders, provide information and, if they consent, carry out promotional contacts of references, its products and services and for third parties. All processing carried out within this site will be carried out with both paper, electronic or telematic tools, with logic related to the purposes for which the data was collected and in compliance with the current safety regulations, for the purposes specified from time to time in the information presented to the user. For purposes related to the provision of the service to which the interested party has joined, the data will be made available to third parties, who will act as autonomous data controllers and provide services that are instrumental to satisfying the user’s request (for example, companies that package and deliver the ordered products, transaction managers and credit card issuers, banking institutions) or to whom the communication of data is necessary to comply with laws or regulations or Community legislation. They may also be made available to law enforcement agencies (eg: prevention and repression of crimes, including of an IT nature), the judiciary, authorities and public bodies competent for individual matters for their institutional activities or in the case it is necessary to assert or defend one’s rights in court. They will also be transmitted electronically to the Revenue Agency (“TS System”) for the deduction of health expenses for the purpose of preparing the pre-filled tax return if the customer has
    expressly opted for this option. Pharma lite, with the consent of the user/customer, will process the data for contacts of an informative, promotional and advertising nature, for offers of products and services, for marketing actions, for promotional actions in line with the interests and preferences expressed and purchasing habits, for distance selling actions, for opinion polls and market research, for interactive commercial communications.
    As expressed in customer information, sensitive data issued, directly or indirectly, will not be a parameter considered for the purposes of the profiling operation. Promotional contacts can be made through traditional and electronic communication tools: via e-mail, SMS, phone calls β€” even automated β€” on fixed and mobile phone numbers, social networks, as well as by paper mail. After separate further consent, the contacts for the commercial, advertising and promotional purposes referred to above may be followed, by e-mail, by Pharmalite srl also on behalf of third parties on their products and services, without the physical communication of the data provided by the person

concerned. Such third parties for which Pharmalite srl may perform such contacts operate in the following areas of activity: pharmaceutical and para pharmaceutical, health, sanitary, veterinary, baby articles and children, home, credit and financial institutions, insurance, wide consumption (e.g.: care products, personal hygiene and beauty, household hygiene products) and large organised distribution. The nominative list of such third parties may be requested directly from Pharmalite srl in the ways specified in addition to this privacy policy (see ” consultation, modification and cancellation of personal data-rights Art. 7, Legislative Decree 196/2003”).
Personal data will be made available to persons expressly authorised by Pharmalite β€” and to whom are appointed in charge of the processing β€” who carry out processing activities indispensable for the pursuit of the aforementioned purposes. Generally speaking, these are people responsible for providing specific services, administration, management of information services, relationships with actual and potential customers, marketing and sales, to the call centre.